Are the British stoic?

We British, according to many outsiders, are reserved, repressed, resilient, unemotional and self-controlled. Categorised by our “stiff upper lip” – the famous but now out-of-fashion form of extreme British stoicism – we are often pigeonholed as stunted stoics.

Why do Brits have a stiff upper lip?

Let us explain: The expression “stiff upper lip” refers to the emotionally stunted way in which Brits suppress their true upset, anger or hurt in times of crisis. We supposedly keep a national stiff upper lip during wars and other countrywide catastrophes, and on a personal level whenever things are not going well.

Are British people really reserved?

Although the British are generally seen as being reserved, you will find that in the North of England (where I used to live), people are usually quite friendly. They will appreciate it if you make a chat about the weather or take an interest in local affairs.

Why do Brits not show emotion?

Originally Answered: Why do British people prefer hide their emotions? It’s a cultural thing. They believe it’s inappropriate and uncultured to show emotions – especially in public. It goes way back and is just how they were socialized.

Do British people talk about their feelings?

The average Briton will lie about how they really feel 11 times a week, according to a new a poll. Rather than causing offence, nine in 10 avoid speaking their minds, the survey found. Respondents were most likely to tell a “white lie” when commenting on a friend’s cooking.

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Are Brits emotionless?

Brits, according to many outsiders, are reserved, repressed, resilient, unemotional and self-controlled.

What does upper lip mean?

Your upper lip is the part of your face between your mouth and your nose. … Your upper lip is the higher of your two lips. His upper lip was flat, but the lower one sagged.

How do you tell if a British person likes you?

6 ways to tell that a British man is attracted to you

  • 1 He will make an excuse to talk to you. …
  • 2 He remembers little things and facts. …
  • 3 He invites you to join him in a pub. …
  • 4 He will make a lot of eye contact. …
  • 5 He will try to kiss you. …
  • 6 He will invite you to football.


Is being reserved a bad thing?

For some reason, some people think being quiet and reserved is a negative quality. Actually, having this kind of personality can be a positive thing, or at least not a bad thing. In fact, there can be a number of benefits to being quiet and reserved.

Are soldiers emotionless?

The soldier who is most useful to the military is one who is unemotional. … So, each soldier has to hide, or better still, shut-down all these feelings. The only feelings allowed to him are anger, pride, arrogance and aggression – useful emotions that can build hatred for the enemy that he has to kill.

What does emotionally stiff mean?

Feeling or expressing strong emotions.

What is British culture?

British culture is influenced by the combined nations’ history; its historically Christian religious life, its interaction with the cultures of Europe, the traditions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and the impact of the British Empire. … British literature is particularly esteemed.

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