Can I refuse to accept Scottish notes?

In fact Scottish notes are not legal tender anywhere – even in Scotland. In other words, you can’t insist that they be accepted for payment. As has been mentioned, only coins satisfy this requirement (and even then only up to a limit – 20p for bronze).

Can an English shop refuse Scottish notes?

At present, while Scottish banknotes may be accepted in England, they do not have the status of ‘legal tender’, although they are legal currency. As a result of this, there is nothing to force any business to accept Scottish notes in England.

Can Scottish notes be used in England?

Scottish notes aren’t legal tender in England or Scotland. Debit cards, cheques and contactless aren’t legal tender anywhere.

Scottish banknotes status of legal currency still stands today. Although, it’s not legal tender anywhere in the UK, not even Scotland itself! … In England and Wales, it’s Royal Mint coins and Bank of England notes. In Scotland and Northern Ireland it’s only Royal Mint coins and not banknotes.”

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Can you change Scottish notes in English banks?

In England, no business is legally forced to accept banknotes printed by the Scottish and Northern Irish banks. On the same note, if you – let’s say – receive change in the form of Scottish notes in England, you don’t have to accept them either.

The fact that the notes are not defined as legal tender means that they are not withdrawn from circulation in the same way as the Bank of England notes, which cease to be legal tender on a given date. Instead the Scottish banks withdraw old notes from circulation as they are banked.

Can I still use paper 20 notes in Scotland?

Withdrawn notes are always able to be exchanged with the Bank of England. The three issuers of Scottish banknotes, Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, will also withdraw their paper £20 and £50 banknotes on the same date as the Bank of England.

Can I use Scottish notes in Tesco?

Just take it to the bank and deposit it into your account. They shouldn’t have a problem. If someone says “I’m sorry, this is a Scottish note”, simply say “I know. Take it.”.

Does post office accept Scottish notes?

Yes. The Post Office will continue to accept pay ins of Scottish paper banknotes.

Do Morrisons accept Scottish notes?

Morrisons insisted that “unfortunately, it is no longer a requirement to accept Scottish or Northern Irish notes” but that “some of our stores still take them”. … They may take English notes but are under no obligation to.

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How can you tell if a Scottish note is real?

Instead check for as many as possible of the following:

  1. Serial Numbers. Genuine notes have unique serial numbers therefore if you have two notes displaying the same serial number at least one of them is a counterfeit.
  2. Paper. …
  3. Watermark. …
  4. Security Thread. …
  5. Printing. …
  6. Move/Tilt. …
  7. Detector Pen. …
  8. UV Light.

Legal tender is a form of money that courts of law are required to recognize as satisfactory payment for any monetary debt. … In some jurisdictions legal tender can be refused as payment if no debt exists prior to the time of payment (where the obligation to pay may arise at the same time as the offer of payment).

Why do Scottish banks issue notes?

To aid identification the Scottish banks have all agreed to issue notes of specific value in the same predominant colour.

Where can I exchange Scottish notes?

To convert your leftover Scottish Pounds to cash, select the type of Scottish Pounds you want to exchange:

  • current Bank of Scotland banknotes. …
  • current Clydesdale Bank banknotes. …
  • current Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes. …
  • withdrawn Bank of Scotland banknotes. …
  • withdrawn Clydesdale Bank banknotes.

Can I exchange old Scottish notes?

Yes, as a Royal Bank of Scotland Bank customer you can swap, or deposit into your account, out of circulation coins/notes and replace them with new ones.

Are businesses legally obliged to take cash? We think it should be people’s prerogative to pay with cash, whatever their reason for doing so. But there is no legal obligation for a business to accept it. It’s the business owner’s right to decide what payment methods they want to accept.

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