Can you use American dollars in Ireland?

You cannot use US dollars or other foreign currencies in Ireland. Sometimes areas near the border of NI & ROI will accept cross currency. 2. Cash.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Ireland?

Should I Bring Dollars to Ireland? We think it’s a better idea to exchange dollars for € euros at home, before you fly. This is because your options for currency exchange are limited once you land in Ireland. Irish banks will only exchange currency with account holders.

What money is accepted in Ireland?


Does Ireland accept US credit cards?

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted credit cards in Ireland. American Express and Diners Club are accepted by most major hotels, but are less commonly accepted elsewhere. Cards are widely accepted at shops and restaurants, although small rural businesses and some B&Bs do not accept them.

How much money should you take to Ireland for a week?

Ireland trip cost for one week

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Estimated costs
Airfare $600
Accommodations $1,200 (prices vary by location)
Transportation and attractions $300
Food & drink $385 ($55 per day)

Should I get euros before going to Ireland?

Ireland’s main currency is the Euro. Because most places you visit will be able to take your credit or debit cards, you don’t need to take much cash. In fact, there is really no reason to get Euros before you leave the US.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Ireland?

Making purchases while traveling in Ireland is relatively easy. Cash is the most immediate form of payment and accepted everywhere, but major credit cards are also widely accepted.

How expensive is living in Ireland?

If living in a major city like Dublin is your dream, the cost of living here, as in any major city, will be higher. Rent can start at US$880 and run as high as US$2,200.

So what will it cost you to live in Ireland?

Monthly Living Expenses (Dublin) Cost Per Month
Rent (1 bedroom apartment in the city) US$900

What is a Dollar called in Ireland?

The Irish pound was composed of 100 pennies, called pingin in Irish, and often appeared with the symbol £ or IR£ to set it apart from other currencies such as the British pound. The Irish term for the Irish pound is the punt Éireannach.

How do I pay in Ireland?

Credit Cards are widely accepted across Ireland,the two most common are Visa and Mastercard, the two most common cards that are not accepted are American Express and Discover. Some small shops have a minimum spend when using credit card or debit card as payment, generally either €5 or €10.

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Will my debit card work in Ireland?

All US issued Visa Debit cards and Mastercard Debit cards should work in ATMs in Ireland. All US issued Visa Debit cards and Mastercard Debit cards can be used to spend in stores in Ireland.

Who accepts Amex Ireland?

The only bank with affiliation to Amex in Ireland is the TSB and they are few and far between. They were the Only bank that would change Travellers Cheques, not much good if you are 200 miles from the nearest branch. Amex cards were more widely accepted in the past, I used have one.

What is the best credit card to use in Ireland?

Bank of Ireland offers a total of four Mastercard credit cards; the Classic card, the Platinum Advantage card, the Aer credit card in conjunction with Aer Lingus, and its Student credit card.

ICE Visa Credit Card
Typical APR 22.53%
Annual fee None
Introductory interest rate on purchases 0% for 3 months

Is food expensive in Ireland?

Ireland is the fourth-most expensive country in the EU for food and soft drinks, according to new Eurostat data. Irish food baskets cost 20 per cent more than the EU average in 2018, ranking the country fourth-highest for prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Why Ireland is so expensive?

We have a major lack of natural resources in Ireland meaning a huge amount of what we eat, wear and use has to be imported from abroad. And as outlined above, our relatively isolated, island location means transporting things into the country is more expensive than other countries.

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Is it expensive to visit Ireland?

So there you have it, Ireland has a reputation as one of the most expensive countries in Europe to visit but with a little research and planning it can actually be a very affordable place to take a vacation in!

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