How do I invite my family to Ireland?

Invitation letter. Ask the friend(s) or family member(s) you plan to visit in Ireland to type or write a letter that states that they are inviting you to Ireland to visit them. Ask them to sign and date the letter. Include the letter with your application.

How can I bring my family to Ireland?

You need a visa for Ireland

  1. Apply for a Join Family Visa. You must apply for a long stay Join Family Visa. …
  2. Prepare for border control. You will need to prove that you have a valid reason for entering Ireland to an immigration officer at border control. …
  3. Apply for permission to stay & register with immigration.

How can I apply for family visa in Ireland?

Ireland Join Family Visa document checklist

  1. The signed and dated application form summary.
  2. Two passport-size pictures in line with Ireland photo requirements.
  3. Your original passport.
  4. Full copies of all previous passports, if any.
  5. Letter of application which: …
  6. Proof your family member is eligible to sponsor you:
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Is Family Visa Open in Ireland?

“From today, we will resume processing all Long Stay ‘D’ Visa join family applications and preclearance applications, including for de facto partners of Irish nationals, and critical skills employment permit holders.

Can you sponsor siblings to Ireland?

If you are an EEA or Swiss citizen living in Ireland, then you have the right to bring certain family members to live with you here even if they are not themselves EEA or Swiss citizens.

Can a student bring his family to Ireland?

As a general rule non-EEA students coming to Ireland have no right to bring their family with them. Spouses, partners and children of non-EEA nationals can apply to enter and live in Ireland in their own right, but they cannot apply on the basis of their relationship to a non-EEA student.

How long does family reunification take in Ireland?

Applications for family reunification take between 12-14 months on average. If successful the family member will be required to apply for a visa to enter the State and may be required to apply for a travel document if necessary. A visa application can be made online at the INIS website which is processed quickly.

What is the age limit to immigrate to Ireland?

There are a number of requirements you must meet before you can apply. Those include: Be of legal age (18). Children can be naturalized through a different form if they are the children of an Irish citizen.

How much is a family visa?


Apply outside the UK Apply in the UK
Cost if joining your partner, parent or child £1,523 £1,033
Cost for each dependant added to your application £1,523 each person £1,033 each person
Cost for an adult who needs to be looked after by a relative £3,250 £1,033
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How can I bring my wife to Ireland?

If your spouse or civil partner is a citizen of a non-EEA country, they may need to apply for a visa before they can travel to Ireland . You can use the INIS website to check if they need a visa. If your spouse or civil partner needs a visa, they must apply for a Join Family Member (D) visa.

What is join family visa Ireland?

If you wish to come to Ireland to reside for longer than 3 months with a family member who is an Irish citizen or who is lawfully resident in Ireland you can apply for a long stay (join family) visa. … applications for family reunification by recognised refugees or persons granted subsidiary protection.

Can I sponsor my friend to Ireland?

A short stay family/friend visa allows you to travel to Ireland to visit family or friends for up to 90 days, subject to the conditions described below. All short stay visas are also called ‘C’ visas. Check if you need a visa and plan your journey before you apply.

How much is visa fee to Ireland?

Ireland Visa Fees

Type of visa Ireland visa fees
Single-entry visa €80
Multiple-entry visa €100
Transit visa €25

Does a child born in Ireland get citizenship?

You are not automatically an Irish citizen if you were born on the island of Ireland. You may be entitled to Irish citizenship if your parent(s) or grandparents were Irish. … Naturalisation is the process through which a foreign national can become an Irish citizen.

How long does Ireland stamp 4 last?

C) How do I renew my residency in Ireland? Your stamp 4 permission will usually be valid for between 1 to 5 years. In order to stay in Ireland, you will need to periodically renew this permission before it expires.

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What is the meaning of stamp 4 in Ireland?

Stamp 4 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a specified period, subject to conditions. Stamp 4 is reckonable as residence when applying for citizenship by naturalisation.

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