How far away is Leeds from London?

How far is Leeds from London as the crow flies?

The calculated flying distance from London to Leeds is equal to 169 miles which is equal to 272 km.

How far is Leeds to London Miles?

Distance from London to Leeds is 272 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 169 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between London and Leeds is 272 km= 169 miles.

How can I travel from London to Leeds?

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) offers direct train services between London Kings Cross and Leeds at every 3 minutes and 33 minutes past the hour, taking just under 2h 30m or 2h 10m on the fastest service. New Azuma trains from LNER were introduced on the London to Leeds route in 2019.

How far is Leeds from London car?

By Car. Leeds is 195 miles north of London and the total journey by car will take you about 3 hours, 40 minutes to complete, barring traffic.

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How far away is Leeds from Manchester?

The distance between Manchester and Leeds is 36 miles.

How far is Leeds on a train?

The fastest services reach Leeds in just 2h 10m. You’ll travel on an Azuma train. These are LNER’s high-speed, modern trains capable of speeds of 125 mph – they’ve taken over former rail operator Virgin Trains East Coast on the East Coast Main Line.

Where is Leeds in London?

Leeds is located 169 miles (272 km) north-northwest of London, on the valley of the River Aire in the eastern foothills of the Pennines.

How many hours away is London?

Flying time from United States to London, United Kingdom

The total flight duration from United States to London, United Kingdom is 9 hours, 30 minutes.

Is Leeds near Manchester?

Distance between Leeds and Manchester is 57 kilometers (36 miles). Driving distance from Leeds to Manchester is 69 kilometers (43 miles).

Is Leeds a good place to live?

Leeds and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer families. Green suburbs, parks and good schools plus lots of countryside close by. … Live in a family friendly area: Horsforth, Chapel Allerton and Roundhay are all considered good areas for families. Have a look at Leeds List for detailed descriptions of these areas.

What tier is Leeds in?

Statement following government announcement that Leeds will stay in tier 3.

How far is Leeds from London by bus?

How far is it from Leeds to London by bus? The bus journey from Leeds to London by road is approximately 169 miles (272 km).

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How far is London from Bristol?

London to Bristol is about 120 miles. There are plenty of interesting places between the two.

What are people in Leeds called?

Loiner is a demonym, describing the citizens of Leeds. The Rugby league club Leeds Rhinos were previously nicknamed the Loiners.

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