How hot was it today in England?

Now 12:00 pm 4:00 pm
63 °F 59 °F 62 °F

Where was the hottest place in the UK today?

The Met Office recorded the UK’s highest temperature so far today (May 31) of 25.1C in Kinlochewe, as Scotland enjoys brighter weather to end the Bank Holiday weekend.

What was temperature in London today?


00:00 09:00
Weather symbol
Temperature °C
Temperature in degrees Celsius 16° 16°

How hot was it yesterday in the UK?

Today’s and Yesterday’s Data

Temperature and Humidity So far today Yesterday
Max dew point 14.6 °C 17.0 °C
Max humidity 97 % 99 %
Avg. temperature 14.2 °C 17.0 °C
Temperature range 9.1 °C 12.6 °C

Where is the safest place to live UK?

Liverpool has been crowned the safest city in the UK for families to live in, thanks to its sense of security, low crime rate and number of CCTV cameras.

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Which county in England has the best weather?

The 6 best places to live in the UK for sunshine and warmth

  1. Bognor Regis: England’s sun king. …
  2. Eastbourne, East Sussex: Brighton’s bustling cousin. …
  3. Hastings, Kent: the sunny heart of The Garden of England. …
  4. Central London: it’s sunnier and warmer than you think. …
  5. Tenby, Wales: the Welsh Riviera.


Will we get snow in 2020 UK?

Snow and ice is expected across most of Scotland as well as parts of northern and southern England, Northern Ireland and Wales as 2020 draws to a chilly conclusion. Dalwhinnie, in the Scottish Highlands, recorded a low of -10.2C. …

What temp can kill you?

At a core temperature of 85.1°F most humans pass out. The heart beats only two to three times per minute, pulse and breathing are barely measurable. Once the temperature is below 68°F, death is almost certain.

What is the hottest city on earth?

Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is the warmest inhabited place on earth. Its average annual temperature is 87.3 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, temperatures can reach 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The city is located in Sirat Mountains, inland from the Red Sea, 900 feet above sea level.

What was the highest UK temperature yesterday?

The Met Office announced the 38.7C figure was received from Cambridge Botanic Garden yesterday.

Where is the highest temperature in the world today?

Currently, the highest officially registered temperature is 56.7C (134F), recorded in California’s Death Valley back in 1913. The hottest known temperature in Africa is 55C (131F) recorded in Kebili, Tunisia in 1931. Iran holds Asia’s hottest official temperature of 54C (129F) which it recorded in 2017.

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Where is there snow in the UK today?

Most of the snow is falling in southern parts of England right now. London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire are bearing the brunt of the snowfall. But, it’s also falling in Sussex, Surrey, parts of Kent, and Worcestershire.

What’s the worst place to live in England?

Peterborough has been listed number Worst Town in England for the third year running in the tongue-in-cheek survey, with Huddersfield falling a close second.

What is the most dangerous city in UK?

Cleveland tops Britain’s blacklist and replaces West Yorkshire as the most dangerous region in the country, with sky-high rates of violent crime and criminal damage.

Where can you not live in the UK?

10 of the worst places to live in the UK

  • Peterborough.
  • Doncaster.
  • Huddersfield.
  • Rochdale.
  • Rotherham.
  • Nottingham.
  • Keighley.
  • Wakefield.


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