How many calories are in a Bays sourdough English muffin?

Per 1 Muffin Serving: 140 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV) 430 mg sodium (19% DV); 2 g total sugars.

How many calories are in a sourdough English muffin?

Bays Sourdough English Muffins

Calories 140
Calories from Fat

How many calories are in a Bays English muffin?

Per 1 Muffin Serving: 140 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 450 mg sodium (20% DV); 2 g total sugars. Since 1933 Bays English Muffins have been made with quality ingredients, resulting in the rich, wholesome flavor and delightful texture that they’re known for to this day.

Are bays sourdough English muffins real sourdough?

BAYS ® Sourdough English Muffins come pre-sliced and offer rich, tangy flavor in the tradition of classic Sourdough.

Why are Bays English Muffins so good?

Secondly, English muffins have to provide a solid base for eggs Benny. … But those aren’t part of an English muffin’s daily duties. And that’s why our favorite English muffins are Bays English Muffins. With their slim profile, light chew, and airy crumb, Bays muffins are ideal for on-the-go eggs (and/or jam).

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How many carbs are in a Bays English muffin?

Nutritional Panel

Macronutrient Amount % Daily Value*
Sodium 450mg 20%
Total Carbohydrates 26g 9%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Total Sugars 2g

Is Bays English Muffins going out of business?

An English muffin bakery in Detroit is being shut down in a move that will cost 50 workers their jobs. Bays Bakery, at 8330 W. Chicago Road on the city’s near west side, will be permanently closed Jan. 2, according to a notice filed with the state by Bimbo Bakeries USA Corp., based in Horsham Township, Pa.

How many calories are in a whole wheat English muffin?

Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat Whole Grain English Muffins

Calories 120
Calories from Fat

Do Bays English Muffins have to be refrigerated?

BAYS® English Muffins follow an authentic recipe. Our English muffins are refrigerated in order to maintain not only their freshness, but also the consistently light and crispy texture that English muffin connoisseurs seek.

Where are Bays English Muffins made?

Today, with bakery locations in Chicago and Detroit, Bays Bakery Incorporated is exclusively a manufacturer of refrigerated premium English muffins. “We currently make four varieties: original, sourdough, multigrain and honey wheat,” says Robaczewski.

What’s the healthiest English muffin?

You’re better off with 100% whole wheat English muffins from Nature’s Own, Pepperidge Farm, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods. All keep a lid on calories (120 to 140) and sodium (200 mg or less) without skimping on taste.

Should you toast English muffins?

“English muffins” in particular are designed to be toasted, especially in the US. The dominant brand of English muf Good ones don’t. They’re aimed to be toasted, and they do have a bit of raw flavor, though they are fully cooked. Toast needs to be bread-shaped.

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Why are English muffins called English?

In North America and North American-influenced territories, they are called English muffins to distinguish them from plain muffins, which are larger and sweeter miniature quick breads.

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