How much is a ferry from Ireland to Wales?

How long is the ferry ride from Ireland to Wales?

How long is the ferry to Wales? It depends where and when you travel. The quickest crossing to Wales is Dublin – Holyhead with Irish Ferries and takes 2 hrs 15 min, while the longest crossing is Rosslare – Pembroke with Irish Ferries and can take up to 4 hrs 1 min.

Can you get a ferry from Ireland to Wales?

There are 4 ferry routes operating between Ireland and Wales offering you combined total of 86 sailings per week. Irish Ferries operates 2 routes, Dublin to Holyhead runs 4 times per day & Rosslare to Pembroke about 14 times weekly.

How much is the ferry from Ireland to England?

Get great deals on ferries to Britain from only €119 single for a car + driver. Travel on our Belfast to Cairnryan or Belfast to Liverpool ferry routes from Northern Ireland or if you’re travelling to Wales, choose from our Dublin to Holyhead or Rosslare to Fishguard routes.

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How much is the ferry from Holyhead to Ireland?

Holyhead to Dublin Ferry with Stena Line and Irish Ferries – Prices from £256. Compare up to 9 daily crossings from Holyhead to Dublin with AFerry. Crossing times range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the time of year you choose to travel.

Can I travel from Wales to Ireland coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel

Follow current COVID-19 rules where you live: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To prevent new COVID variants from entering the UK, you should not travel to amber or red list countries. … When you return, follow the rules to enter the UK from abroad (except from Ireland).

What is the cheapest ferry to Ireland?

What is the cheapest ferry to Ireland? The cheapest ferry to Ireland with Direct Ferries last month was £35, from Holyhead to Dublin.

How do you get to Ireland from Wales?

There are 3 ferry routes operating between Wales and Ireland offering you combined total of 84 sailings per week. Irish Ferries operates 2 routes, Pembroke to Rosslare runs 14 times per week & Holyhead to Dublin about 4 times daily.

Can u see Ireland from Wales?

It is approximately 50 miles from the Uwchmynydd headland to the nearest point on the Irish coast. Many visitors to the headland at Uwchmynydd – “the Land’s End of North Wales” cannot see the Irish coast because of haze, but on a clear day it is obvious. …

Are there any travel restrictions to Ireland?

There are no restrictions on flights from the United States to Ireland although the number of available flights is significantly diminished.

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Can I travel from Ireland to England by ferry?

Are sailings running between Ireland and Britain? Yes, we are running a full service for freight and essential passenger travel on our Dublin – Holyhead, Rosslare – Fishguard, Belfast – Cairnryan and Belfast – Liverpool routes.

How long is the boat ride from Ireland to England?

With a selection of up to 11 Sailings Daily, the port of Dublin connects Ireland with England, Wales, France & Isle of Man. Sailing durations range from 2 hours 15 minutes on the Holyhead service to 18 hours 30 minutes on the Cherbourg service.

Can you drive to England from Ireland?

Ireland is an exempted country under the Common Travel Area, and Irish citizens are currently exempted from travel restrictions into the UK. 1.

Do you need a passport to go on a ferry?

Irish Ferries recommends all passengers bring a passport with them. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries, but some form of (photo) identification is however required. … Valid passport.

What is the shortest ferry crossing to Ireland?

The only Fast Ferry on the Irish Sea

Cross the Irish Sea in just 2 hours on the “Dublin Swift”, the only Fast Ferry on the route. There is plenty onboard to keep you and your family entertained. See what our Club Class lounge has to offer.

Can you still get ferry to Ireland?

Ferry to Ireland – take the ferry to Ireland from the UK

Travel in style and comfort from the UK to Ireland. Irish Ferries offer several daily sailings from Dublin to Holyhead, where you can take your car, pets, and as much luggage as you need.

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