Question: What is the second smallest county in Ireland?

The largest county in Northern Ireland is county Tyrone, at 3,155 km². The smallest county in Ireland is county Louth, which is just 820 km² in area – 9 times smaller than county Cork. The next smallest is county Carlow, which is 896 km².

What’s the third smallest county in Ireland?

We’ve got a fascinating fact about every county in Ireland, but this one is particularly mind-blowing: While Dublin is Ireland’s third smallest county by physical size, it has the island’s largest population of 1.345 million, thanks to Dublin city, Ireland’s capital.

Is Donegal the second biggest county in Ireland?

This is a list of the counties of Ireland ordered by area. Counties in the Republic of Ireland are shown in normal type, while those in Northern Ireland are listed in italic type.

List of Irish counties by area.

Rank 4
County Donegal
Area (km²) 4,861
Density (/ km²) 32.6
Traditional Province Ulster
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Is Limerick bigger than Dublin?

Dublin is the only city in Ireland with a population greater than 1 million. Dublin is the capital and most populous city of Ireland.

Dublin is the most populated city in Ireland followed by Belfast and Cork.

Rank City Population
3 Cork 198,582
4 Derry 93,512
5 Limerick 91,454
6 Galway 76,778

What is the fifth biggest county in Ireland?

County Wexford is located in the South East of Ireland, the fifth largest region, with a population of just under 497,305. The County has a distinctive settlement pattern with five major centres of population – Wexford Town, Enniscorthy, New Ross, Gorey, and Bunclody.

What is the poorest county in Ireland?

People living in Donegal have the lowest level of disposable income in Ireland, according to CSO figures. Based on 2016 data, the average Donegal person has after-tax income of €15,892, which is 29% lower than the nationwide figure of €20,638.

What was the first county in Ireland?

First, the twelve counties of medieval origin (Louth, Meath, Dublin, Kildare, Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Kerry) were invigorated in some cases and revived in others. Second, twenty new counties were created.

What is the second highest town in Ireland?


Meelin An Mhaoilinn
Country Ireland
Province Munster
County County Cork
Elevation 253.5 m (831.7 ft)

Which is the wettest county in Ireland?

The wettest place in Ireland is the area of the Maumturk and Partry mountains of counties Mayo and Galway, which receive annually over 2400 mm of rain. The driest place in Ireland is Dublin city which receives less than 800 mm of rain per year.

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What is the second biggest county?

List of largest counties

Rank County State
1 San Bernardino County California
2 Coconino County Arizona
3 Nye County Nevada
4 Elko County Nevada

What is the richest place in Ireland?

The highest concentration of property millionaires is in Dalkey with 643, followed by Ranelagh (305) and Ballsbridge (235). House prices are growing by 3.5 per cent year-on-year and in 2020.

Is Dublin a rich city?

IRELAND may have endured four years of austerity and unemployment may be topping 14pc, but Dublin is still one of the richest cities in the world. That makes Dublin the fourth highest paying metropolitan area in Europe. …

What is the smallest city in Ireland?

Economists, businessmen and local residents have warned that the city is in danger of scaring off tourists with sky-high prices. Ireland’s smallest city is now also one of the most expensive, with the cost of a weekend in Kilkenny often outstripping that of a few days in Dublin.

What is the smallest village in Ireland?

Garrykennedy is located on the shores of Lough Derg on the Shannon in Co Tipperary. It is one of the most picturesque and smallest villages in Ireland with a population of just 9 inhabitants. It is interesting to note that Garrykennedy has No Shop, No Church but it does have 2 Pubs!

Is Clonmel the biggest town in Ireland?

The largest towns are Clonmel, Nenagh and Thurles.

Largest towns.

Rank Town Population (2016 census)
1 Clonmel 17,140
2 Nenagh 8,968
3 Thurles 7,940
4 Carrick-on-Suir 5,771

What is the most populated town in Ireland?

List of settlements on the island of Ireland by population

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Rank Settlement Population
1 Dublin 1,173,179
2 Belfast 483,418
3 Cork 208,669
4 Limerick 94,192
Far, close Great Britain