What does a Scottish 100 note look like?

Is there a Scottish 100 note?

Though strictly not legal tender in Scotland, Scottish banknotes are nevertheless legal currency and are generally accepted throughout the United Kingdom. … The £100 note is currently the largest denomination of banknote issued by The Royal Bank of Scotland. The current Ilay series of banknotes was first issued in 1987.

Are Scottish notes accepted in England?

Scottish currency today

Scottish banknotes status of legal currency still stands today. Although, it’s not legal tender anywhere in the UK, not even Scotland itself! “What’s classed as legal tender varies throughout the UK? In England and Wales, it’s Royal Mint coins and Bank of England notes.

Can you get a 100 note in UK?

There was 100 British pounds banknote issued by the Bank of England in the past, that is know as the white note. There is also available 100 pound sterling note issued by the Bank of Scotland. You can often come across with GBP money notes £5, £10 and £20. The £50 banknote is quite rare in UK.

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How can I tell if my Scottish notes are real?

Instead check for as many as possible of the following:

  1. Serial Numbers. Genuine notes have unique serial numbers therefore if you have two notes displaying the same serial number at least one of them is a counterfeit.
  2. Paper. …
  3. Watermark. …
  4. Security Thread. …
  5. Printing. …
  6. Move/Tilt. …
  7. Detector Pen. …
  8. UV Light.

Do I have to accept Scottish notes?

He said: “Scottish notes are not legal tender anywhere in the UK, they are legal currency and I would encourage shopkeepers to accept them right across the UK, but they’re not legal tender.”

Can you use a 100 note?

Scottish £100

Scottish banknotes are not legal tender anywhere, including Scotland! … In practical terms, it means that Scottish notes are regularly circulating and accepted in Scotland. In the rest of the United Kingdom, however, you might find difficulty with getting Scottish banknotes accepted.

Do Morrisons accept Scottish notes?

Morrisons insisted that “unfortunately, it is no longer a requirement to accept Scottish or Northern Irish notes” but that “some of our stores still take them”. … They may take English notes but are under no obligation to.

Will banks change Scottish notes?

All Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster banknotes (as with all Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes) remain legal currency, will not be withdrawn from circulation in the same way as the Bank of England notes, and have no end date for acceptance. You are unable to swap / deposit commemorative coins.

Can I still use paper 20 notes in Scotland?

Withdrawn notes are always able to be exchanged with the Bank of England. The three issuers of Scottish banknotes, Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, will also withdraw their paper £20 and £50 banknotes on the same date as the Bank of England.

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Is there a 500 pound note UK?

The £500 pounds white note is the Bank of England’s second highest denomination. Hand-signed by the Chief Cashier, the five hundred pounds note features a seated Britannia, the classical figure representing the British isles.

What is the biggest UK bank note?

The Bank of England £100,000,000 note, also referred to as Titan, is a non-circulating Bank of England banknote of the pound sterling used to back the value of Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes. It is the highest denomination of banknote printed by the Bank of England.

Which UK note is largest in size?

The Bank of England £50 note is a banknote of the pound sterling. It is the highest denomination of banknote issued for public circulation by the Bank of England.

What Colour are Scottish 50 pound notes?


Note First issued Colour
Tercentenary 1995 Green
Bridges 17 September 2007 Green
Bridges 1 July 2021 Red

Can I use a Scottish 20 note in England?

Scottish notes aren’t legal tender in England or Scotland. Debit cards, cheques and contactless aren’t legal tender anywhere.

Can a shop refuse Scottish notes?

At present, while Scottish banknotes may be accepted in England, they do not have the status of ‘legal tender’, although they are legal currency. As a result of this, there is nothing to force any business to accept Scottish notes in England.

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