What is the average daily commute to work in the UK?

According to respondents, the average commute time in the UK is now 62 minutes a day, with 15% of workers commuting for 102 minutes or more. 23 miles is the average round trip, while 14% of commuters travel over 42 miles a day.

How far is the average daily commute?

If you drive long distances to your job each day, you are not alone. According to ABC News, the average American drives 16 miles to work each way, with a daily commute totaling nearly an hour round trip.

What is the average person’s commute to work?

Over the course of an entire year, Americans who spend 26 minutes (the national average) driving to and from work give up nine full days to their commute. For the millions who commute 90 minutes each way, more than a month each year is committed to the time just getting to the office.

What is a reasonable distance to commute to work?

Reasonable Commuting Distance means a distance that is fewer than 50 straight-line miles from the Business Employee’s principal residence. In addition, a distance that does not increase a Business Employee’s commute by more than five straight-line miles shall also be a Reasonable Commuting Distance.

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Is a 1 hour commute too long?

With traffic, it could be 1-hour-and-15 minutes. … Commutes longer than 45 minutes are up 12 percent in that time span, and 90-minute one-way commutes are 64 percent more common than in 1990. The longer your commute, the less time you have for family, friends, exercise and nutrition—and it’s awful for your mental state.

Is 30 minute commute too long?

We all kind of know this fact. Once you get more than 30 minutes away from your job, no matter how you actually come into work, it starts to feel like a chore. Probably one out of one hundred people can actually take a longer commute and live with it. …

Why is long commute bad?

Several studies have shown that long-distance commuters suffer from psychosomatic disorders at a much higher rate than people with short trips to work. Physical symptoms range from headaches and backaches to digestive problems and high blood pressure.

Is a 90 minute commute too long?

The U.S. Census Bureau defines extreme commuters as workers who travel 90 minutes or more each way to work. … That’s 1 in 36 workers with extreme commutes today. Such an arrangement clearly isn’t for everyone. But for 2.8% of all commuters, extreme commuting is simply business as usual.

Is a 50 mile commute too much?

Yes. You’re talking about spending two hours or more a day commuting, driving well over 20,000 miles a year, possible accidents, wear and tear on your car. If your job, like my last one, requires you to come in on evenings and/or weekends you’ll really regret the drive.

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Is 30 miles a long commute?

It’s so ingrained. A 30 mile commute puts bout 12000 miles on your car every year. That’s not an unusual amount. And 30 miles is easily done with an electric car, too.

Is 40 minutes a long commute?

It all depends. Lots of people drive a lot longer than that to get to work. If it’s a good job with decent pay and prospects, it’s probably worth it. If it’s a fairly OK job but the 40 minutes’ drive consists largely of sitting in heavy traffic just to travel a few miles, then it’s not so clear-cut.

How long is too long to commute UK?

DWP reckon 90 minutes one way is the maximum reasonable commute – so there’s that. I’d say more than an hour is too long. That’s two hours of your day lost to travelling.

Is a 1 hour commute worth it?

If you like the job, and the pay is good, the answer is yes. Of course if you work really long hours, your sleep may suffer. If you take public transit (bus or train) you may be able to catch a few zzzs while commuting. Anyone considering taking on a one hour commute should consider other job options closer to home.

How long is too long for a daily commute?

An hour in traffic is too much of a daily commute for me. I’ve been commuting in my car for 8 years. Have done 30, 35, 45, and 60. I would say that anything over 45 minutes is officially too long.

What is considered too long of a commute?

Katie Acosta, a director in marketing communications who works for a technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area, has what is considered an extreme commute — defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as taking more than 90 minutes to travel to work, each way.

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