What is the most popular men’s name in the UK?

1. Main points. Oliver and Olivia remained the most popular name for boys and girls in England and Wales.

What is the most common male name in Britain?

The most popular name for baby boys in 2019 was Oliver which was the chosen name for approximately 4.6 thousand babies. Oliver was also the most popular baby name in Wales in 2019 while Olivia was the most popular name for girls in England.

What are the top boy names for 2020 UK?

Top 100 Boy Names 2020

  • Asher.
  • Milo.
  • Oliver.
  • Levi.
  • Silas.
  • Atticus.
  • Theodore.
  • Jasper.


These are the most popular boys’ names in England for 2016.

  • George.
  • Harry.
  • Jack.
  • Jacob.
  • Charlie.
  • Muhammad.
  • Thomas.
  • Oscar.

Key findings: David Smith is the most common name for UK adults, beating David Jones (2nd) and John Smith (3rd) Smith is the UK’s most common surname: one in three of the top 100 most common adult names contain ‘Smith’

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Who is world best name?

Top Names Over the Last 100 Years

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 James Mary
2 Robert Patricia
3 John Jennifer

What is the number 1 boy name?

Top 10 Baby Names of 2020

Rank Male name Female name
1 Liam Olivia
2 Noah Emma
3 Oliver Ava
4 Elijah Charlotte

What is the top 5 boy names?

Here are the current 100 most popular names for baby boys, according to the Social Security Administration.

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.

What’s the rarest boy name?

Rare Baby Names for Boys

  • Aaron. It is a name of Hebrew origin. …
  • Abner. This is a name, which is uncommon and rarely heard. …
  • Aidan. This cute little name refers to “fire” or “someone born of fire”.
  • Adan. This vintage name has a Hispanic origin and is very rare to find these days. …
  • Anouk. …
  • Ambrose. …
  • Anwyll. …
  • Aquilla.


What are strong male names?

100 Strong Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning

  • Abelardo. Abelardo means noble and strong. …
  • Abiri. A name of Hebrew origin, Abiri means my strength, my hero. …
  • Absko. Absko is a masculine boy name of Kenyan origin. …
  • Adir. Abir is a Hebrew name which means strong, courageous, mighty. …
  • Aimilios. …
  • Alcibiades. …
  • Aldric. …
  • Alexander.


What are cool names for a boy?

Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names of 2020

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.


What are some British boy names?

Top 10 baby names for boys and girls in England and Wales

  • Oliver – 6,259.
  • Harry – 5,031.
  • George – 4,929.
  • Noah – 4,273.
  • Jack – 4,190.
  • Jacob – 3,968.
  • Leo – 3,781.
  • Oscar – 3,739.
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What names are illegal UK?

Illegal baby names in the UK

  • Martian.
  • Monkey.
  • Chow Tow (which means ‘Smelly Head’)
  • Rogue.
  • Akuma (in Japanese it mean ‘Devil’


Oliver and Olivia remained the most popular name for boys and girls in England and Wales. Freya and Lily replaced Emily and Ella in the top 10 girls’ names, while there were no new entries in the top 10 boys’ names in 2019.

What is the most common surname name in the UK?

Smith – the most popular surname in the UK.

What is the most common name in the UK 2021?

The top three baby names for boys remained the same as last year, with Muhammad being the most popular, followed by Noah and then Oliver. The name Penelope rose the most this year, jumping 37 places, while Alex moved up 35 places for boys’ names.

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