What part of London is ghetto?

The two London Boroughs with the highest rate of gun and knife crime are Southwark and Lambeth. Other London Boroughs with a high gun and knife crime rates include Brent, Haringey and Hackney.

Which side of London is bad?

A new survey of Londoners reveals a tale of four cities: The West is posh, the East is poor, the South is rough and the North is intellectual. 1,294 Londoners were shown a list of adjectives and asked which four they most associate with each area of London – East, West, North and South.

Where are the hoods in London?

London’s top 10 most dangerous boroughs

  1. London’s most dangerous area: Westminster. This borough has the highest crime rate not only in London but in the entire nation with 1,580 crimes reported per km2 in a year. …
  2. Islington. …
  3. Hackney. …
  4. Lambeth. …
  5. Camden. …
  6. Hammersmith and Fulham. …
  7. Kensington and Chelsea. …
  8. Southwark.


What places to avoid in London?

11 Places You Should Avoid on Any Trip to London

  • Restaurants In Leicester Square. …
  • Oxford Street. …
  • City of London (On A Weekend) …
  • Large Commercial Shopping Centres. …
  • Canary Wharf. …
  • The London Eye (for views) …
  • The Shard (for views) …
  • Madame Tussauds.
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Why is Westminster so dangerous?

Westminster enjoys the title of being Europe’s largest nighttime economy, but also has the capital’s highest crime rates, somewhat due to tourist activity, thereby boosting petty-crime rates. … Theft and handling is by far the most reported crime in Westminster, with over 26,000 incidents reported from 2015-2016 alone.

What is the roughest pub in London?

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Established in 1520, this pub’s riverside location attracted some less than law-abiding customers. Its notoriety for serving smugglers, pirates, thieves and cut-throats led to it being dubbed the ‘Devil’s Tavern’. But it wasn’t always welcoming to those on the wrong side of the law.

Is London safe at night?

Stay Safe in London

London is generally a very safe to place to navigate, even at night, though it never hurts to keep your common sense and your wits about you. Here are some top tips for helping you to stay safe after an evening at the theatre, a night on the tiles or a session of burning the midnight oil.

What are the safest areas in London?

The safest places to live in London

  • 1) Richmond.
  • 3) Kingston-upon-Thames.
  • 4) Sutton.
  • 6) Bromley.

What is the most dangerous street in the UK?

Police.UK reveals where the most crime took place, and a break down of every street and every specific area.

  • Most dangerous streets:
  • West Street (16 crimes in September)
  • Cheapside AND Catherine Street (12 crimes each reported in September)
  • Oxford Road (11 crimes throughout September)


What is the roughest town in England?

Peterborough has been listed number Worst Town in England for the third year running in the tongue-in-cheek survey, with Huddersfield falling a close second.

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How dangerous is Westminster?

Crime and Safety in Westminster

Westminster is the most dangerous city in London, and is the second most dangerous overall out of London’s 33 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Westminster in 2020 was 184 crimes per 1,000 people.

What’s the most dangerous place in the world?

10 Most Dangerous Places In The World

  • Death Valley – Most Extreme Place On Earth.
  • Skeleton Coast – Harsh Climate.
  • Danakil Desert – A Volcanically Active Area.
  • Gates Of Hell – Door To Hell.
  • North Sentinel Island – Forbidden, Dangerous And Mysterious Place.
  • Madidi National Park – A Jungle Paradise.


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