Where can I travel from UK without quarantine?

These include Gibraltar and Iceland, and previously Portugal – the latter moved to the amber list as of Tuesday 8 June. As of Wednesday 30 June 2021, 16 countries do not require quarantining upon return into the UK – these new additions include Spain’s Balearic Islands, Madeira, Malta and Barbados.

Where can you fly without quarantine?

In fact, there are only two countries that are currently welcoming Brits without a mandatory quarantine on either side: Portugal and Iceland. The Faroe Islands, an autonomous Danish territory, and Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, are also welcoming UK travellers without quarantine.

Can I travel abroad from UK?

Top box updated: Under current UK COVID-19 restrictions, you must stay at home. You must not travel, including abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so. It is illegal to travel abroad for holidays and other leisure purposes.

Where can Americans not travel?

North Korea. Chonji lake or ‘Heaven lake’ is located in the crater of Mount Paektu, which is considered the spiritual birthplace of the Korean nation. Coastal plains crumple into rocky peaks in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the only country on earth the American government forbids US citizens from visiting …

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What countries are allowing UK tourists?

The Faroe Islands, an autonomous Danish territory, and Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, also welcome UK travellers without quarantine requirements.

  • Denmark. …
  • Ireland. …
  • Spain. …
  • Portugal. …
  • Italy. …
  • Cyprus. …
  • Iceland. …
  • British Tourists Banned From Traveling to France & Germany.


Can I travel from UK to Spain?

Entry to Spain

From 24 May, entry restrictions and testing requirements for arrivals from the UK to Spain no longer apply. However, travellers from the UK should be prepared to present evidence of a negative test if they have travelled to a country on Spain’s list of ‘risk countries’ in the 14 days prior to travel.

Where can I go on holiday from UK?

Here are the UK GREEN LIST countries you can currently travel to with us:

  • Antigua.
  • Barbados.
  • Gibraltar.
  • Grenada.
  • Iceland.
  • Malta.
  • Madeira and Porto Santo.
  • The Balearic Islands.

Which countries Cannot be visited?

Some of them will probably surprise you:

  • Syria. Henrik travelled to Syria in the midst of the civil war last year. …
  • Yemen. …
  • Saudi Arabia. …
  • Libya. …
  • Equatorial Guinea. …
  • Angola. …
  • Turkmenistan. …
  • Eritrea.


Can US citizens fly to England?

U.S. citizens residing in the United Kingdom are subject to the UK government’s regulations. You should not travel abroad unless it is permitted under the rules. If you are visiting the UK, you may return home to the United States. You should check whether there are any restrictions in place at your final destination.

What is the most dangerous country in world?

The most dangerous countries to visit in 2021 are Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Libya and Mali according to the latest Travel Risk Map, an interactive tool produced by security specialists at International SOS.

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Is there a European travel ban?

The European Union ban on travelers arriving from the United States was lifted on June 18, 2021. The list of safe third countries is updated regularly based on the latest coronavirus data. … EU member states are responsible for setting their own entry rules.

Do I need to quarantine if I have been vaccinated UK?

Request a letter only if you: have been fully vaccinated by the NHS in England (you should wait 2 weeks after receiving a full course) are planning to travel in the next 4 weeks to a country that requires evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.

Can tourists get Covid vaccine in UK?

No charges for coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, treatment and vaccination. Overseas visitors to England, including anyone living in the UK without permission, will not be charged for: testing for COVID-19 (even if the test shows they do not have COVID-19)

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