You asked: Do British homes have basements?

It’s not common for British houses to have basements of the sort you could set up as a TV room or a den, and the buildings that do have that kind of thing—especially in cities—are often divided into flats.

Why do British homes not have basements?

In the United Kingdom, almost all new homes built since the 1960s have no cellar or basement due to the extra cost of digging down further into the sub-soil and a requirement for much deeper foundations and waterproof tanking.

What do the British call a basement?

Amongst the estate agents and property professionals in the UK, the term ‘cellar’ is often used to describe residential projects while the term ‘basement’ is used to describe new build and commercial projects alike. A cellar is often a smaller space than a basement.

Why do European houses not have basements?

It has to do with the “frost line”. In cold climates, the ground will freeze in the winter time down to 6 feet deep, and when it does freeze, you get “frost heave” because icy soil is bigger than wet unfrozen soil. So you have to dig your foundation below the frost line, so you might as well build a basement.

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Why don t UK houses have crawl spaces?

It was never designed to be a space to crawl through or under a house. It was a common proactive to elevate the house above the ground so water would not affect the house when a torrential rain fell and the terrain would runoff slow. Even on the side of the hill, house were best to be on pedestals.

Why are UK houses so bad?

More than half of buyers of new-build homes in England have had major problems with construction, unfinished fittings and faults with utilities, according to housing charity Shelter. … The government branded the housing market “broken” in its housing white paper last month.

Why don’t they build basements anymore?

“It’s easier to build without a basement if you were doing assembly-line construction.” In addition, fear of earthquakes was often cited as a reason for the dearth of basements in the Golden State. … A basement will have poured concrete walls and strong foundations set very deep.”

Are basements worth it?

In terms of home value, finished basements aren’t as valuable as main-floor living space and above-grade bedrooms (“above-grade” refers to a room that’s located higher than ground level — that could mean on a main floor or upstairs, just not in a basement).

Why do Americans say first floor?

This practice dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, but it wasn’t adopted by Americans when they began building cities. In the United States, the ground level was referred to as the first floor, and the next level therefore became the second floor.

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Do Americans say cellar?

No it’s not a US/UK difference. Your definition is fine. It’s a matter of the use of the space, as you say. A cellar is for storage (possibly in a house but also eg a wine cellar in a vineyard), while a basement is used for something.

Are basements an American thing?

Originally Answered: Do all American houses have basements? NO! Basements are common in the Midwest and Northeast, and a few elsewhere. Many homes are built on a raised foundation giving them a crawl space under the house.

What states have basements in their homes?


  • Iowa.
  • Kansas.
  • Minnesota.
  • Missouri.
  • Nebraska.
  • North Dakota.
  • South Dakota.

Why are basements so common in America?

In cold climates most homes have foundations that begin several feet below grade, meaning below ground. So since they have to dig that far below ground anyway, many people in cold climates decide to utilize that space and put in basement foundations.”

Are basements common in UK?

It’s not common for British houses to have basements of the sort you could set up as a TV room or a den, and the buildings that do have that kind of thing—especially in cities—are often divided into flats.

Is it cheaper to build a house on a slab or crawl space?

Slabs are less expensive to build.

In addition to higher excavation costs for crawl space walls, additional digging is required in order to bury water and sewer lines below the frost level.

Which is better crawl space or basement?

That’s especially true in colder areas, where basements are so often used for storage and living space. … Crawl spaces are also preferred in areas prone to flooding and dry climates. If the soils in an area are hard to dig through, it’s likely you’ll find more crawl spaces than basements.

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