You asked: Who raped Trev in This is England?

Channel 4 has defended the controversial rape scene in This Is England ’86. During the episode, which aired on Tuesday, Mick (Johnny Harris) sexually assaulted Trev (Danielle Watson). The scene provoked strong reactions on Twitter and on the DS forums.

Who was the bully in this is England?

Harvey is a fictional character in the television series This Is England, and he is portrayed by Michael Socha.

What happened to Lol in This is England?

At home, it is revealed that Lol has overdosed on Paracetamol, when she is found by Kelly and Trev in the early hours of the morning. She is rushed to the hospital, where her stomach is pumped.

Who plays Trev in This is England 86?

Даниэль УотсонЭто Англия

What happened to Combo in This is England?

The fate of Combo has not yet been confirmed/revealed by Meadows or Thorne, but the look of guilt on Milky’s face at the wedding, which is set two months after the incident, leaves the viewer to assume the worst, and that Combo suffered a painful death and was buried at sea.

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How old is Shaun in This is England 86?

In the prologue, Combo and 13-year-old Shaun sit alone in Combo’s blood-stained car, having just rushed Milky to the hospital (after Combo snapped and beat him into unconsciousness in the original film).

How old was Thomas Turgoose in This is England?

This is England star Thomas Turgoose has revealed co-star Stephen Graham and director Shane Meadows offered to adopt him following the death of his mother. Turgoose was 13 years old when he appeared in the acclaimed 2006 drama, which later spawned a serialised sequel series on Channel 4.

Are Kelly and LOL sisters?

Characterisation. Kelly is a young woman growing up near Nottingham in the 1980’s. She is the sister of Lol, but was mainly shielded from the things that her father did during her childhood before he left.

Who killed LOL?

Mick loses his temper and forcibly tries to rape Lol, but Lol fights back by striking him in the head with the hammer numerous times, stunning him. Lol then swings one final blow to Mick’s head, killing him instantly.

Where was this is England 90 filmed?

Production. Much of the filming took place in Sheffield, particularly in the Gleadless area, with the Park Hill flats serving as the location for Harvey and Gadget’s flat.

Where was this is England 88 filmed?

For the latest instalment of the series, director Shane Meadows returned to areas across Sheffield and Yorkshire, many of which were used during the production of ‘This is England ’86’ and ’88′.

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Is this is England film on Netflix?

Watch This Is England on Netflix Today!

Did Milky Die in This is England?

Does Milky die? The movie ends with Milky still in the hospital, as far as I can tell. The only reference afterwards is when Thomas is sitting on his bed and his mum says Milky will be alright.

Who did combo kill?

Combo’s body. Christian Ortega, commonly referred to as Combo, was one of Jesse Pinkman’s longtime friends who also doubled as a dealer for his meth. He would ultimately be murdered by a young child for selling meth on two rival dealers territory.


First Last
“Cancer Man” “Mandala” (death) “Más” (flashback)

Did Milky kill combo This is England 90?

The main storyline of the show saw Milky getting his revenge on Combo for nearly beating him to death in a brutal racist attack.

Was this is England scripted?

Although there is always a script, written by Meadows and Jack Thorne, he actively discourages the cast from learning their lines. Instead he’ll sit down with whichever actors are in the scene for as long as an hour before the crew are allowed on set, and have a chat “about something random, like boxing”.

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