You asked: Why do companies register in British Virgin Islands?

Perhaps the most widely known (and often misconstrued) benefit of incorporation in the BVI is the tax neutral treatment of BVI companies. … However, the BVI is a world leader in international anti-money laundering regulations and has signed a number of tax information exchange agreements.

What is a BVI registered company?

What is a BVI Company? A BVI company is a corporation one or more people or entities form in the British Virgin Islands. The term International Business Company or IBC is the official name for what most people think of as “offshore companies” according to Fidelity.

What is the purpose of BVI?

The BVI aims to provide “light but effective” regulation to minimise unnecessary regulatory burdens. The most common type of regulated business is investment funds, for which specific carve-outs exist to minimise the regulatory burden for low risk investment funds.

Do BVI companies pay tax?

There are effectively no taxes in BVI, other than payroll tax, stamp duty for real-estate transactions and import duties. In all other respects BVI is either a zero or no tax territory, including no taxes on income, capital gains, sales, profits, inheritances and corporations.

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Are British Virgin Islands a tax haven?

The Corporate Tax Haven Index 2021 finds OECD countries and their dependencies are responsible for 68% cent of the world’s corporate tax abuse risks. … The world’s top 10 biggest enablers of global corporate tax abuse are: British Virgin Islands (British Overseas Territory) Cayman Islands (British Overseas Territory)

How do I find information on BVI company?

Information on companies formed in the British Virgin Islands can be obtained from the BVI Commercial Registry. General information on a company’s registration number, registered office, incorporation date, status and authorized capital, etc. is available.

How much does it cost to set up a BVI company?

Incorporation costs in Year 1 amount to US$2,920 and annual company costs in Year 2 and thereafter amount to US$1,100.


Different BVI entity types Cost Draft invoice
IBC US$9,320 View invoice PDF
Limited partnership US$10,850 View invoice PDF
Resident company US$17,230 View invoice PDF

Do BVI companies have to prepare accounts?

There are no strict reporting requirements in BVI and an IBC does not need to prepare financial statements or company accounts. The company should maintain only those accounts or records which the company directors consider to be necessary for their own use; and these can be kept anywhere in the world.

What is the purpose of an offshore company?

Offshore company: A company incorporated for the purpose of operating outside the country of its registration. Legal: A company may legitimately move offshore for the purpose of tax avoidance or to enjoy relaxed regulations.

What is a BVI Ltd?

A BVI Business Company may be incorporated as a company limited by shares, a company limited by guarantee (with or without authorisation to issue shares), an unlimited company (with or without authorisation to issue shares), a segregated portfolio company and a restricted purpose company.

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Can I move to the British Virgin Islands?

If you’re wondering how to move to the British Virgin Islands, it’s important to note that foreigners wishing to reside in the territory, even citizens of the UK, must ask formal permission to stay. … Longer stays must be approved by the BVI Immigration Department (located in Road Town, Tortola).

Why is the British Virgin Islands a tax haven?

The BVI is one of the world’s most popular tax havens and attracts legitimate business corporations, celebrities, multimillionaires, and criminals alike. The island offers cheap and simple shell companies that allow their owners to avoid registering their names in public.

How much does it cost to live in the British Virgin Islands?

Summary of cost of living in British Virgin Islands

Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in expensive area $1,100
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in normal area $950
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 1 person in 45 m2 (480 sqft) studio $250

What is the best country to hide money?

Best Country for Asset Protection – Switzerland. Switzerland has long had a reputation as being one of the best offshore banks to hide money. One of the main reasons for this is the country’s strict privacy laws. They date back over 300 years, How Stuff Works explains.

Which countries are tax havens?

Top 10 greatest enablers of corporate tax abuse risks

  • British Virgin Islands (British Overseas Territory)
  • Cayman Islands (British Overseas Territory)
  • Bermuda (British Overseas Territory)
  • Netherlands.
  • Switzerland.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Jersey (British Crown Dependency)
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Is a passport needed for British Virgin Islands?

Passports and Visa: U.S. citizens must have a valid U.S. passport at time of entry. … Generally, all U.S. citizens are required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to the British Virgin Islands, as well as proof of anticipated departure from the British Virgin Islands.

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