Your question: What was the significant differences between English and Spanish colonies quizlet?

Terms in this set (25) What was the key difference between the English and Spanish colonial systems? The English efforts were private, and the Spanish colonies were supported by the Crown. How did Richard Hakluyt keep the dream of colonizing America alive?

What was the significant differences between English and Spanish colonies?

Spanish developed extractive industries in precious metals, whereas English were more likely to establish economies based on trade. More royal control over Spanish colonies than English because English were settled to escape political and religious persecution.

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What was a major difference between Spanish and English colonists quizlet?

The way that the English colonies differed from the Spanish colonies was that the English colonies weren’t being funded by their home country. Instead they were losing money by being funded by joint-stock companies, which took some of the english colonies wealth. 2.

What is one important difference between the goals of the Spanish and English in establishing colonies in the Americas prior to 1700?

One similarity between the goals of the Spanish and English when establishing colonies prior to the 1700s was their prioritization God, gold, and glory. Each wanted to expand their empire and became more powerful because of the resources found in America.

What were some of the differences and similarities between French Spanish and English colonization?

France and Spain, for instance, were governed by autocratic sovereigns whose rule was absolute; their colonists went to America as servants of the Crown. The English colonists, on the other hand, enjoyed far more freedom and were able to govern themselves as long as they followed English law and were loyal to the king.

What did these settlements have in common?

What did these settlements have in common? The settlements had many things common amongst them. First, they all wanted to obtain their own valuable colonies. Also they, were all in search of an easy and direct trade route to the pacific ocean and Asia when they settled.

What were the three goals of the Spanish in the colonies?

Three goals of the Spanish colonization in the Americas were the spread of Catholicism, the increase of wealth, and the expansion of the Spanish empire.

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How did the English colonies differ from Spanish and French colonies quizlet?

How did English colonists differ from Spanish or French colonists? Spanish and French colonist were olny going to the americas for fur trads,gold and silver. England went there to get religious freedom and land.

Why were the English colonies more successful than the Spanish and French?

The British were ultimately more successful than the Dutch and French in colonizing North America because of sheer numbers. … The rulers back in Europe actually made it very difficult for French and Dutch settlers to obtain and manage land. They tended to be stuck on the old European model of feudal land management.

Why did France and Britain both want North America?

Why did France and Britain both want North America? They both wanted control of the fur trade in the west and the fisheries off the coast of Newfoundland.

Why was England so far behind Spain in colonizing in the Atlantic world?

(A) England was so far behind Spain and Portugal in colonization because England barely had interest in establishing an overseas colony since they were, moreso, focused on the New World. The break with the Roman Catholic Church also occupied England.

What are two reasons that the Spanish and French colonized America?

The Land and bullion( Gold and Silver) was the reason for colonizing America along with the converting the Natives American into Christianity so that they could be loyal to their colonizers.

What does Spanish and French have in common?

“Lexical similarities” means how many words are identical (or nearly identical) between two languages. For Spanish and French, their lexical similarity is about 75%. … That’s because not only are the Spanish and French languages neighbors, but from the same family of romance languages.

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What were the most important differences between the way the French and Spanish interacted with the indigenous populations of New France and New Spain?

The major difference between the way that the Spanish and the French treated “their” Indians was based on the respective economic and societal needs of the two European nations. The French used the Indians as economic partners, but did not really try to integrate them that much into a colonial society.

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