Your question: Which European capital city is closest to London?

What are the 10 closest capital cities to London?

Can you name the ten closest capitals to London, UK?

Capital % Correct
Paris, France 99%
Dublin, Ireland 94.6%
Berlin, Germany 91.4%
Amsterdam, Netherlands 89.7%

Which two European capitals are closest together?

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and Vienna, the capital of Austria are located only 79km apart from each other and therefore are the two closest capital cities in Europe.

What are the capital city of Europe?

In Europe, you will find some famous capitals like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, and Vienna, to name only some.

Capital Cities and the States of Europe Amsterdam The Hague (Den Haag; seat of govt) Paris
Amsterdam Map The Hague Paris Map
872,000 545,000 2,148,000
Netherlands France

What is the best capital in Europe?

My 12 favorite European capitals

  • BUDAPEST, Hungary.
  • RIGA, Latvia. …
  • BERLIN, Germany. …
  • WARSAW, Poland. …
  • ROME, Italy. …
  • OSLO, Norway. …
  • PARIS, France. …
  • DUBLIN, Ireland. I’ve been to Dublin multiple times, and am more and more charmed by the Irish capital each time I visit. …
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Which is the closest capital city to London?

World Capitals Closest to London

km Capital miles
321 Brussels 199
343 Paris 213
358 Amsterdam 223
464 Dublin 288

Which city is the closest to London?

Major cities near London, United Kingdom

  • 46 miles to Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
  • 69 miles to Southampton, United Kingdom.
  • 88 miles to Coventry, United Kingdom.
  • 89 miles to Leicester, United Kingdom.
  • 102 miles to Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • 106 miles to Bristol, United Kingdom.
  • 109 miles to Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Do any countries have two capitals?

The most well-known example of a country with two capital cities is Bolivia. La Paz and Sucre are two cities that have agreed to divide the different parts of the government between them.

What are the closest capital cities in the world?

The two closest capital cities in the world (apart from Rome and Vatican City) are Kinshasa and Brazzaville. At their closest point they are only one mile apart.

Which capital city is the furthest south?

New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, sits at the southwestern tip of North Island near the Cook Strait. The city in the second largest in New Zealand (after Auckland), and at 41 south latitude, it is the southernmost capital city in the world.

Which city is the biggest capital of Europe?

Largest cities

Rank City Country
1 Berlin Germany
2 Madrid Spain
3 Rome Italy
4 Paris France

What are 5 countries in Europe?

Countries in Europe:

# Country Population (2020)
2 Germany 83,783,942
3 United Kingdom 67,886,011
4 France 65,273,511
5 Italy 60,461,826

What is the most important city in Europe?

Largest cities

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City Country
1 Istanbul (entirely) Turkey
2 Moscow Russia
3 London United Kingdom
4 Saint Petersburg Russia

What is the most fun city in Europe?

So without further ado, drumroll please… taking the crown as the most fun city in Europe is London, which ranked in the number 1 spot on our European Fun Index with a score of 104.

Is London the best city in Europe?

Nearly 80 percent of you said you were happy, and you voted the capital one of the most dynamic, diverse and creative cities on earth. As a result, London emerged as the Number One European destination on our 2019 rundown of the world’s best cities. (Globally, only New York, Melbourne and Chicago ranked higher.)

Which European city is most visited by tourists?

The most visited city in Europe is London and the British capital has topped the European rankings for a number of years. With multiple international airports ensuring the city is one of the true global travel hubs and a number of world famous sites and attractions, London receives visitors from far and wide.

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