What was the average age of pilots in the Battle of Britain?

The average age of the Battle of Britain pilots was just 20 years old.

What was the average life expectancy of a pilot in ww2?

The Germans generally had better aircraft and more experienced airmen, but the Canadian and Imperial fliers persevered. Historians have calculated that the life span of a pilot in action was about ten weeks.

What was the life expectancy of a ww2 bomber crew?

It had a crew of seven from the pilot to the gunners. Everyone had to play their part to stay alive. The Lancaster was one of the most dangerous places to be in the entire war – the life expectancy of a new recruit was just two weeks.

How many Battle of Britain pilots are still alive in 2019?

There are now just two surviving Battle of Britain pilots left. Farnes, a Hurricane pilot, was the last surviving ace, an accolade referring to those who brought down at least five enemy planes. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal, the highest honour in the air force for non-officers.

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What percentage of RAF pilots died in ww2?

Bomber Command aircrews suffered a high casualty rate: of a total of 125,000 aircrew, 57,205 were killed (a 46 percent death rate), a further 8,403 were wounded in action and 9,838 became prisoners of war. Therefore, a total of 75,446 airmen (60 percent of operational airmen) were killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

What plane has the most kills in WW2?

The German ME-109 had the most kills. First they fought over mostly Germany and German held land, so if they were shot down they walked back to safety. Some pilots had 350+ kills, they were in the war from day one.

What is the life expectancy of a pilot?

The second came from the US Airline Pilots Association and looked at pilot deaths after the age of 60. Analysing these two sources, the study’s authors deduced that the average age of death for pilots was 61, compared to the average age of death of the general population, which was 63.

How many B 17 Crews died?

We mourn the loss of the seven dead and stand by the six individuals who miraculously survived the accident. More than 50,000 Airmen lost their lives in the four years of WWII and the majority of those losses were on bomber missions over Nazi Germany in B-17s and B-24s.

Who shot down the most planes in the Battle of Britain?

In just 42 days 303 Squadron shot down 126 German planes, becoming the most successful Fighter Command unit in the Battle of Britain. Nine of the Squadron’s pilots qualified as ‘aces’ for shooting down 5 or more enemy planes, including Sergeant Josef Frantisek, a Czech flying with the Poles who scored 17 downed planes.

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How cold was it in a ww2 bomber?

A typical European flight would begin with the men waking at dawn, having breakfast, donning their gear, and climbing to 25,000 feet, where the temperature in the plane could fall to as little as -56 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many RAF pilots were killed in the Battle of Britain?

Both sides suffered heavy losses during the Battle of Britain – 544 pilots, which was about one in six, from RAF Fighter Command were killed and 2,500 Luftwaffe airmen lost their lives.

Who is the youngest WW2 vet still alive?

Calvin Graham, the Youngest American to Serve in World War II. On Monday night, April 19 at 7:00pm, we will welcome two WWII veterans, 99-year-old Phil Horowitz in Florida and 92-year-old Harry Miller in Manchester, PA.

Are any WW2 Spitfire pilots still alive?

The RAF confirmed that Flight Lieutenant Terry Clark, 101, died in a Yorkshire care home on V.E. Day, leaving Hemingway as the sole survivor. Chris Elliot, from the RAF Benevolent Fund, confirmed that Hemingway is the last surviving member of Churchill’s “Few”.

How many RAF pilots died in training?

In the RAF, 23 personnel died whilst on training or exercise (Figure 4).

How many Spitfire pilots are still alive?

The three surviving members of the Few are Flt Lt William Clark, 100, Wing Commander Paul Farnes, 101, and Flying Officer John Hemingway, 100.

How many Luftwaffe pilots died in WW2?

During World War II, German pilots claimed roughly 70,000 aerial victories, while over 75,000 Luftwaffe aircraft were destroyed or significantly damaged. Of these, nearly 40,000 were lost entirely.

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