Can you ring England on Gomo?

Can you make international calls on Gomo?

Enjoy a flat rate of $0.05/min with IDD calls to Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia & Thailand. Enjoy a flat rate of $0.20/min with IDD calls to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines & more!

Can you ring UK on Gomo?

*You can use your any network calls & texts anywhere in the EU and they will be deducted from your allowances as they would at home.

Does Gomo work in UK?

GoMo users can also ‘roam like at home’ when travelling abroad, with 10GB of data to use on their travels, and the roaming data allowance will still be available to customers travelling to the UK after Brexit. Customers also have the option of retaining their phone number when they sign up.

Can you roam with Gomo?


With Roam Like A Local, enjoy loads of data at local rates. That’s 100GB in Thailand, 15GB in Philippines, or 10GB in Indonesia from as low as $5. Travelling to a different country? Check out our affordable roaming option Roam More Destinations, available in 10 destinations worldwide.

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Is GoMo free calls to all networks?

Get All Calls, All Texts, All Data. 10GB EU Roaming Only €14.99 a month!

Does GoMo have free calls?

For an introductory period up to the 1st of January 2020, Customers can avail of free access to the service. Video calling is available for GoMo 3G/4G subscribers who make calls in a 3G/4G coverage area.

Are 0818 numbers free with GoMo?

Any calls made to 0818 numbers must be included in any “free” call bundles in your phone contract. This applies to mobile contracts , PAYG bundles and Landline contracts/bundles. So – if your bundle or contract or top up plan includes “free2 call minutes – then 0818 calls will be deducted from those free minutes.

Are 1800 numbers free with GoMo?

Calls to 1800 numbers from both landlines and mobiles remain free.

How much is GoMo monthly?

New customers will now be charged €14.99 a month for GoMo’s no-frills, unlimited calls, texts and data deal, a €2 increase from its previous price, and a €5 jump from the plan’s original price when it first launched less than two years ago in 2019.

Is Gomo reliable?

GOMO is backed by Singtel’s 4G network. For all that’s said and done, Singtel was recently awarded the fastest 4G peak throughput speeds, which makes it one of the most reliable networks in Singapore.

Can I cancel Gomo?

2.4 The Agreement and the SIM Only Service may be terminated by you or by us on the giving of thirty (30) days’ notice to the other in accordance with clause 14.

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Which is better Gomo or 48?

GOMO does have one advantage for heavier data users versus both 48 and Clear Mobile as they offer 20GB more data per month than 48 and 4G speeds as opposed to Clear Mobile’s restricted 5Mbps.

Does Gomo have WiFi calling?

The GoMo WiFi Calling service allows you to make and receive calls and SMS over any Wi-Fi connection.

Are 1850 numbers free with Gomo?

1850 and 1890 Numbers are now Included in Bundles.

Does Gomo have 5G?

At the launch of its 2020 strategy, Eir confirmed that its expectations for GoMo have been exceeded, but customers of the new mobile brand won’t have access to 5G for some time.

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