Question: How long does it take from Utah to London?

How long is the flight from Utah to London?

The total flight duration from Utah to London, United Kingdom is 10 hours, 19 minutes.

How far is the UK from Utah?

The distance between Utah and England is 4874 miles.

How many miles is Utah from London?

The distance between London and Utah is 4957 miles.

How long does a flight to Utah take?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Utah takes 3h 27m, covering a distance of 1261 miles.

How long is the flight from UK to Utah?

Flight time from London to Salt Lake City, UT is 10 hours 35 minutes.

Is Utah in UK?

Utah is located in United States.

How many miles is it from Salt Lake City to England?

Distance between Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) and London (LHR)

Flight distance from Salt Lake City to London (Salt Lake City International Airport – London Heathrow Airport) is 4866 miles / 7832 kilometers / 4229 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 9 hours 42 minutes.

How can I get to Utah cheap?

Below are 7 tips for how you can achieve this.

  1. Travel in large groups. …
  2. Find cheap lodging. …
  3. Budget beforehand what you will pay on food/souvenirs/entertainment. …
  4. Travel for short periods. …
  5. Visit less-visited places and travel to popular destinations during the off-season. …
  6. Always plan on doing something outdoors.
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What airport do you fly to for Utah?

Air Travel

Utah is accessible to the world via Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Starting in Salt Lake City is the best place to begin your trip if you want to understand Utah’s culture, history and local flavors — and see the towering mountains overlooking the city.

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