What genre are the rivers of London books?

Is Rivers of London a graphic novel?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Peter Grant series (alternatively, the Rivers of London series or the PC Grant series) is a series of urban fantasy novels by English author Ben Aaronovitch, and comics/graphic novels by Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, illustrated by Lee Sullivan.

Is London a river of ya?

I read books 3 & 4 over half term and concluded that, although there is some sex and violence, it’s no worse than some other YA novels and the writer Ben Aaronovitch also writes Doctor Who episodes. …

How many rivers of London novels are there?

The Rivers of London Series Book Series (8 Books)

What order should I read the rivers of London?

A series by Ben Aaronovitch

  • Rivers of London (2011)
  • Moon Over Soho (2011)
  • Whispers Under Ground (2012)
  • Broken Homes (2013)
  • Foxglove Summer (2014) 5.5 The Furthest Station (2017)
  • The Hanging Tree (2016)
  • Lies Sleeping (2018) 7.5 The October Man (2019)
  • False Value (2020)
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Is Ben aaronovitch writing another rivers of London book?

Related books

CSI meets Harry Potter in this fantastic new graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the bestselling Rivers of London supernatural police procedural crime novel series!

What is Molly in rivers of London?

Molly is the Fae housekeeper, chef, and butler of the Folly (including the coach house). She appears as a silent lady dressed in an Edwardian maid’s uniform. She is an excellent chef, skilled Haemomancy practicioner, and a constant presence in The Folly. Her age is unknown, but it is comparable to Thomas Nightingale’s.

Where is the Fleet River in London?

​​London’s Lost Rivers – The River Fleet. The source of the Fleet are two springs at Hampstead Heath separated by Parliament Hill– one on the western side near Hampstead and one on the eastern side in the grounds of Kenwood House.

Who wrote Rivers of London?

Ben Aaronovitch

Is Midnight Riot the same as rivers of London?

Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US) is the first novel in the series of the same name by English author Ben Aaronovitch.

What happens to Lesley in rivers of London?

Rivers of London

After performing CPR on infant Brandon Coopertown she is possessed by the ghost of Henry Pyke and malevolent spirit Mr. Punch. She remains possessed for several months before manifesting fully as Mr. Punch at the Royal Opera House and inciting the Covent Garden Riots.

What follows foxglove summer?

Foxglove Summer is the fifth novel in the Rivers of London series by English author Ben Aaronovitch, published in 2014 by Gollancz.

Foxglove Summer.

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Author Ben Aaronovitch
Pages 384 pp
ISBN 978-0575132504
Preceded by Broken Homes (2013)
Followed by The Hanging Tree (2016)

Is Peter Grant still a police officer?

He is a detective constable with the London Metropolitan Police as well as an apprentice wizard. … He has self-described his own appearance using the police jargon “between IC3 and IC6”.

Will there be a Rivers of London Book 8?

Now in paperback, the eighth book of the bestselling Rivers of London series returns to the adventures of Peter Grant, detective and apprentice wizard, as he solves magical crimes in the city of London.

What Abigail did that summer rivers of London?

What Abigail Did That Summer: A Rivers Of London Novella (Hardback) Ingeniously blending urban fantasy with the police procedural, this dazzling novella in the Rivers of London series follows Peter Grant’s cousin Abigail as she sets out to solve the mystery of teenagers going missing around Hampstead Heath.

Which book comes after the hanging tree?

The Furthest Station

Author Ben Aaronovitch
Publication date 30 June 2017
ISBN 9781473222427
Preceded by The Hanging Tree (2016)
Followed by Lies Sleeping (2018)
Far, close Great Britain